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What’s that you say? Mobile Axe Throwing in Portland?!

That’s right. We’re Portland, Oregon’s first and only mobile axe throwing company! Timber’s Axe Throwing offers an amazing experience for nearly any type of private event, special occasion, company party, and all of your life’s most memorable moments.

We support group events that range from 2 – 8 hours of axe throwing fun, but we also provide custom quotes for longer weekends or multiple day events—Just reach out! Every event has 5 dedicated axe throwing lanes as well as a dedicated axe throwing coach that will teach you how to throw an axe while playing fun games. If you’re looking for an awesome time, you came to the right place.

Special: Axe Throwing Party


  • 5 stations with axes to accommodate an unlimited number of people
  • $350 for each additional hour
  • $50 addtional for corn hole
  • $50 additional for giant jenga
  • Support staff for first 30 minutes

Interested? Fill out our form and we will get back to you ASAP! You can also email us at timbersaxethrowing@gmail.com or call us at 503.764.6742

Have A TIMBERS AXE Throwing Party!

We’ve Got You Covered. Your special event will create memories for years to come.

We’ll work with you side by side to ensure all the details are met from the initial point of contact till the last axe thrown! We provide consistent and fluid communication making it easy and effortless for you. Don’t wait and book now!

Please fill out the form below as close to 3 weeks prior to you event. We can occasionally fulfill last minute requests, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is axe throwing safe?

Yes! With proper throwing technique, following the rules provided, and being aware of surroundingS, Axe throwing isn’t only safe but very fun and addicting once you start sticking the targets like the pros.

How much space is needed to accomodate the mobile axe throwing trailer? 

We need approximately 25’ by 16’ of space to accommodate axe throwing. The best space is a parking lot or open lawn. The Trailer dimensions are 18′ Length x 8′ Wide, ramp in rear is 5′ once extended, plus hitch area and truck. Everything is made to World Axe Throwing League (WATL) standards. Each lane is 4′ wide with a 12′ steel divider to protect others from getting their axe from targets. Overall Trailer height once standing in unit is 8′.

Can Someone Get Hurt Axe Throwing?

In rare cases yes. Axe throwing injuries occur when you use improper throwing technique (Throwing too hard like pitching a fastball, attempting trick shots, etc). Not following the rules provided can cause harm to self or others (improper axe handling, and paying attention to surroundings)

What Are Hours Of Operation And Any Legal Restrictions?

Trailer rental will be available on a first come first serve basis, but we are booking up quick! We can be contacted at any time, texting is also available any time with questions. Age limit for use is 15 years and up. Rules of the trailer is posted on below.

How Far Will You Travel?

Price subject to change for any location past 25 miles from our storage location in Gresham, OR. Text, call, or email with any questions regarding bookings. 503.764.6742 or timbersaxethrowing@gmail.com

Are There Any Limits For Amount Of People Per Event?

There is no limit for the amount of people per event. Price for rental is based on hourly time limit.


  • All throwers must sign Liability Waiver
  • Any spectators must keep fingers OFF of the cage
  • Closed-toed shoes are required, no high heels
  • Anyone exhibiting intoxicated or reckless behavior will not be allowed to throw
  • No food or beverages allowed on the trailer
  • Report any unsafe conditions, injuries, or loose boards to staff members
  • Never exit the trailer with an axe in hand
  • Throwers under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Ask staff members for assistance if needed


  • Por favor de firmar una exención de responsabilidad, no soy responsable de que estés comiendo mierda.
  • Si pierdes un dedo contra la jaula, yo no vi nada.
  • Solo zapatos, deja los tacones en casa, nadie quiere verte las patas sucias.
  • Si tienes nota te voy a botar.
  • La unica cosa que vas a jamar va a ser una galleta si traes comida dentro del trailer.
  • Por favor informa al personal si hay tablas sueltas, si te lastimastes estas comiendo mierda.
  • Acere, No te vayas con una hacha en la mano.
  • Menores de 18 años, necesitas un tutor legal presente.
  • Ponte las pilas con lo que estas haciendo.
  • Déjame saber si necesitas ayuda


  • Re-rack each axe, do not pass or hand to the next thrower
  • Never touch/grab the blade, only grab the handle of the axe
  • Axes must be thrown in vertical orientation (forward facing)
  • No underhand or trick shots


  • Cuelgue el hacha después de terminar.
  • Nunca agarres la hoja del hacha.
  • Tira el hacha hacia adelante 


  • Must throw behind the marked line in throwing zone
  • Make sure the lane is clear before throwing
  • Beware of any trip hazards/debris in lanes
  • Only two axe throwers on the trailer at any given time
  • One axe thrower per lane


  • Tira detrás de la línea marcada.
  • Asegúrese de que el carril esté despejado.
  • Solo dos personas en el trailer a la vez